To vote at the AGM, or serve on the Board of Directors, you must first complete a company membership form, you can print the form here or fill out our our online form.

Company membership is open to all eligible businesses and organisations within the Destination CQ BID area. Membership is free and ongoing for all levy payers.

As a Destination CQ BID member you will be entitled to:

  • Attend and vote at Annual General Meetings
  • Nominate and stand for election as a Director of the Destination CQ BID Ltd Board.

Becoming a member will enable you to influence how the Destination CQ BID invests the funds it receives from its levy payers. As a member, you will be entitled to vote on resolutions raised at Annual General Meetings.

Select below to access the relevant paperwork including:

Destination CQ BID Membership Online Form,
Destination CQ BID Membership Form,
Destination CQ BID Membership Rules,
Destination CQ BID Articles of Association