In order for a BID to be established, a ballot of all eligible businesses and organisations in the BID area is held. For the ballot to be successful, conditions must be met:

1. At least 25% of the eligible ratepayers entitled to vote in the ballot must have done so and total at least 25% of the eligible rateable value. 
2. Over 50% of businesses that vote, must vote in favour of the BID. 
3. Of the businesses that vote, those voting yes must represent a greater total rateable value than the ones that vote no.
If these conditions are met, the BID will be established. The BID levy will be mandatory for all liable businesses and organisations in the BID area regardless of whether they chose to vote.  If the BID is established, it will not be possible for a business to ‘opt out’.

The Destination CQ BID ballot ran from 3rd March – 14th April 2016. On 15th April 2016 the Destination CQ BID ballot results were announced. Destination CQ BID was voted in by an 84% majority by number and 91% by rateable value. The Destination CQ BID will run for a 5 year term, after which it will be subject to a re-ballot.

Destination CQ BID Ltd began operations on 1st October 2016 and was formally launched by Minister for Communities Paul Givan MLA on 11th October 2016.