The Issue
Most of you told us being based in and around the Cathedral Quarter is an advantage to your business however you think the Cathedral Quarter area would benefit from additional marketing and promotion.

The Solution
• Establish a brand with clear positioning, image, message and identity that tells the story of the area as the cultural, knowledge and media heart of the city 
• Develop a promotional strategy with a differentiated range of marketing initiatives and targeted campaigns to celebrate our distinctive offer and support the variety of services and businesses 
• Partner with Visit Belfast, Tourism NI and others to promote the area beyond ‘greater Belfast’ 
• Provide information to visitors and the local public through maps, apps, newsletter, integrated website, and social media platforms 
• Investigate options to provide free WiFi to visitors and mobile phone apps to provide up-to-date coverage, profile and information 
• Assist local businesses and organisations that attract tourists and visitors to provide tourism ambassadors, welcome volunteers and stewards 
• Partner with local organisations to facilitate engagement of local communities.

Current Invite Activities:

Tourist Map

We have partnered with the publishers of the Belfast Visitor Map to highlight the Destination CQ BID area on the main facing map and illustrate key tourist attractions and landmarks in the area. On the reverse, Destination CQ BID has also secured a second map dedicated to the area which marks other premises which might be of interest to tourists.

The Belfast Visitor Map provides visitors with unique and beautifully illustrated maps designed to showcase key visitor attractions and destinations in the city. It is the leading private visitor map for the city with wide 

These markers are usually reserved exclusively for advertisers who place ads at full commercial rates starting from £550 - £3,500. Destination CQ BID is covering the cost for our members who are interested in being marked on this dedicated highlight map, so your premises can be mentioned absolutely FREE at no cost to you. 

If tourists are central to your offering and you would like to be marked on the dedicated BID area highlight map, please email before the print deadline of 21st April 2017 with subject line “Belfast Visitor Map” and the details of your business to get listed on the Belfast Visitor Map. (Please note, only those who have paid their BID levy will be listed.)

In addition, Destination CQ has negotiated discount advertising rates for any of our BID businesses who wish to take out an advert on the main facing page. To avail of this exclusive offer contact

Full information on this opportunity including the current map distribution points is available under our RESOURCES section under TOURISM.