Inspire strand

The Issue
You shared your concerns with us about increased business costs and cuts to public funding.

The Solution
• Negotiate better deals and drive down business costs through central procurement of essential services such as trade waste collection, recycling, insurance, legal, human resources and accountancy advice 
• Gather information and intelligence such as attendance and footfall analysis; business, customer and audience surveys; tourism statistics to create a more complete picture of who comes to the area
• Be a strong lobbying voice working in partnership to champion the interests of the Cathedral Quarter and amplify the voice of stakeholders 
• Create a strong and supportive network for both existing and new businesses through networking events, workshops and business training 
• Develop initiatives to encourage young entrepreneurs such as start-up support, mentoring and apprenticeships.

Current Strand Activities:

Championing the Cathedral Quarter - Public Art for Streets Ahead III

In the consultation process for Destination CQ BID you told us that the creative character of the Destination CQ BID area was important to you. 

In December 2016, Destination CQ BID prepared a response to the Department for Communities for their public consultation on the Public Art planned as part of Streets Ahead III redevelopment of the public realm in the Destination CQ BID area.

You can read our response in the ADVOCACY section under RESOURCES on our website. 

Championing the Cathedral Quarter - Area Developments

In the consultation process for Destination CQ BID you told us that the planned infrastructural developments for our area were important to you.

On Tuesday, 7th February 2017 Destination CQ BID partnered with the Cathedral Quarter Trust to keep members informed of area developments. The Area Developments Information Session in the Black Box hosted presentations from six different agencies developing major infrastructural projects in our BID area;

  1. CQ 1: High Street Cycling Initiative, Andrew Grieve, Department for Infrastructure 07.02.17
  2. CQ2: Belfast Hub at Belfast Telegraph, Chris McCracken, Belfast City Council 07.02.17
  3. CQ 3: University of Ulster Belfast Campus, Duncan Morrow 07.02.17
  4. CQ 4: Streets Ahead III, Anna Slevin, Department for Communities 07.02.17
  5. CQ 5: Belfast City Centre Regeneration Proposal, Jonathan Bethel, Chapman Taylor/ Castlebrook Investments 07.02.17
  6. CQ 6: Inner North York St Interchange, Mark Hackett, Inner North Neighbourhood Regeneration Partnership 07.02.17

Videos of all the presentations (that we were permitted to release) are available in the AREA DEVELOPMENTS section under RESOURCES on our website.

We will publish our response to Castlebrook Investments public consultation call in the ADVOCACY section under RESOURCES on our website shortly.

Championing the Cathedral Quarter - Belfast Agenda

Destination CQ BID has prepared a response to Belfast City Council's public consultation on the Belfast Agenda.

We will publish our response in the ADVOCACY section under RESOURCES on our website shortly.

Collective Procurement: Energy, Waste, Merchant Services

When planning for your Destination CQ Business Improvement District plan, you told us that you would like to benefit from the collective buying power that Destination CQ BID can offer when 700+ members join forces to procure services together.

We are delighted to begin these efforts to help you to reduce your business costs under our Inspire programme.

Energy, waste collection and merchant services were mentioned time and again during planning as business overheads shared by many of you, so this document provides a quick overview of these services.

Joining forces with neighbouring businesses and expert partners through your Destination CQ BID can deliver financial benefits to your business and ensure you receive the best deal on the market, at no direct cost to you.

Destination CQ partners with brokers and agents who can undertake an assessment of your needs to find the most appropriate service, secure best prices and if needed, manage your contracts when they are up for renewal and switch you to the right deal.

If you are interested in exploring the savings you could make through this Destination CQ Business Improvement District initiative or if there are other business overheads that you would like us to look at for you, please contact: and reference the initiative you are interested in.

You can get further information from the COLLECTIVE PROCUREMENT section under RESOURCES on our website.

Collective Procurement: Placement & Advertising with The Belfast Map

Destination CQ has partnered with the publishers of The Belfast Map to highlight the Destination CQ BID area on the main facing map and illustrate key tourist attractions and landmarks in the area. On the reverse, Destination CQ BID has also secured a second map dedicated to the area which marks other premises of interest to tourists.

These markers are usually reserved exclusively for advertisers who place ads at full commercial rates starting from £550 - £3,500. Destination CQ BID is covering the cost for our members who are interested in being marked on this dedicated highlight map, so your premises can be mentioned absolutely FREE at no cost to you.

 If tourists are central to your offering and you would like to be marked on the dedicated BID area highlight map, please email before the print deadline of 21st April 2017 with subject line “Belfast Visitor Map” and the details of your business to get listed on the Belfast Visitor Map. (Please note, only those who have paid their BID levy will be listed.)

In addition, Destination CQ has negotiated exclusive discount advertising rates for any of our BID businesses who wish to take out an advert on the map. To avail of this exclusive offer contact

The Belfast Visitor Map provides visitors with unique and beautifully illustrated maps designed to showcase key visitor attractions and destinations in the city.

More information on the offers, map, and distribution is available under the TOURISM section of RESOURCES on our website.

Collective Procurement: Employee Engagement - Cathedral Quarter Choir

Under our Inspire strand, we are delighted to partner with Ten Minutes More to offer employees in the Destination CQ BID area a discounted rate to join the Cathedral Quarter's BE MORE CHOIR NETWORK.  This is a new initiative within the BID area to encourage staff to spend their lunchtime investing in their health and well-being by belting out some tunes!

The health benefits of singing in a choir are well established but the best test is to check it out for yourself and come along.

Contact Heather to register your interest in this great new way to network, have fun and stay healthy.

Collective Procurement: Employee Engagement - Belfast Community Circus Team building workshops

During BID planning, you told us that employee wellness, quality staff recruitment and retention is important to you. The Destination CQ BID Plan will deliver practical actions to add value to your efforts to attract, care for and retain your staff in a competitive market.

Destination CQ BID is delighted to partner with Belfast Community Circus School to offer a free taster 2hr corporate workshop exclusive to businesses in the BID area.

Join in fun warm-up games; learn how to juggle; take part in simple acrobalance; or have a go at stiltwalking with the experts in Belfast Community Circus School.

To avail of the offer contact Sarah on 028 9023 6007 or email

Area Networking:

In November 2016, Destination CQ BID held a series of six area meet & greet sessions across the BID area for members who might want to want to get to know the Destination CQ team and Board, meet their business neighbours and develop relationships in the area, learn more about the Destination CQ BID 5 Year Plan, how to become a company member, how to get more involved with the BID to improve the trading environment, drive down business costs and raise the area's profile. And some just wanted to get out of the office to socialise over some free coffee!