CREATE projects fall into three sub themes: 


The Issue
Our Public Realm and Public Spaces need work! The Destination CQ BID area has the largest concentration and variety of public space in the city centre serving as gathering places, event spaces, gateways and links.

The Solution
• Improve access points and create a sense of arrival and welcome by developing attractive gateways to the area with strong links to other parts of the city and that tell the story of the area
• Enhance interactivity and connectivity across the BID area
• Animate the area’s public spaces by introducing activities such as markets, pop-up shops and galleries
• Develop new events that will attract visitors to the area throughout the year such as outdoor exhibitions, Public Art and installations, competitions, walks and talks and other activities
• Facilitate public use through enhancements such as banners, distinctive lighting and street furniture
• Monitor the use and management of our public realm to ensure that services are being delivered where and when they are needed for public safety and enjoyment.


The Issue
The majority of you said the public environment was poor or very poor. With increased use comes the need for more and better management of litter, trade waste and general cleansing.

The Solution
• Facilitate more efficient and effective cleansing and maintenance services by coordinating and informing service providers, stakeholders and the public and through collective purchasing of new services.
• Provide additional services where needed for improved bin storage, litter removal and cleansing.

Safety & Security

The Issue
Although generally considered a low-crime area, anti-social behaviour and property damage are concerns in some places and at certain times. Hundreds of employees arrive at and leave their places of work between 10pm and 6am without access to public transport or adequate parking facilities, often at the same time that many hundreds more are enjoying a night out or making their way home.

The Solution
• Work with public and private car park operators to ensure safe and affordable facilities
• Work with the PSNI and private security provision to facilitate information-sharing and coordination of CCTV coverage and patrolling
• Investigate opportunities to increase CCTV coverage, response and patrols