Bank Buildings Update: 26th Nov


Pedestrian access at Castle Place Junction will open on 3 December

Structural update

Primark has supplied the following structural update:

  • Primark (Commonwealth House) will open on 8 December.
  • Some of the damaged structure, including two chimneys, has been carefully removed, bit by bit. This amounted to 32 pallets and has been taken off site where the Historical Environment Division of Department for Communitieswill review it to see what can be saved. 
  • Debris and street furniture have been removed from the footpath and road way in preparation for foundations.
  • All construction workers are following rigorous safety practices working around an unstable structure, in liaison with HSENI. There are 30 movement sensors on the building to alert workers of any movement.
  • The unstable areas at the clock tower and two sides were found to be in a highly precarious state and needed to be stabilised with steel/wood shoring, to facilitate safe removal. This stabilisation is now complete.
  • Weather conditions have made works difficult, but rigid lifting baskets shipped in from Europe have helped counter the windy conditions.
  • Works are ongoing seven days a week when it is safe to do so.
  • Despite weather and structural condition setbacks, Primark is still on track for the building to be completely safe by spring 2019, setting Easter as a target for all ‘make safe’ works.
  • Primark will be looking at interim openings of the cordon following the movement of construction at the following areas, earlier than Easter 2019:
    1. Fountain Lane
    2. Castle Street Pedestrian Access
    3. Tesco
    4. Increasing to a Traffic Lane at Castle Place

Dates will be confirmed as works progress. 

The 3D rendering above will give an idea of how the area will look when the building is 'made safe' and works to remove interior commence.